Wonersh Players

Established 1982


Previous Pantomimes



1983       Cinderella by Ian Weale

1984       Jack & the Beanstalk by Robert Dillon & Kevin Punter

1985       Ali Baba by Ian Weale

1986       Pollywiggle Green by Geoff Edge

1987       Robin Hood by Ian Weale

1988       Queen of Hearts by Glyn Tassell

1989       Aladdin by Ian Weale

1990       Humpty Dumpty by Glyn Tassell

1991       Dick Whittington by Ian Weale

1992       Cinderella by Ian Weale

1993       Sleeping Beauty by Glyn Tassell

1994       Treasure Island by Ian Weale

1995       Robin Hood by Glyn Tassell

1996       Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs by Ian Weale

1997       Puss in Boots by Glyn Tassell

1998       Rumplestiltskin by Ian Weale

1999       Little Red Riding Hood by Glyn Tassell

2000       Beauty & the Beast by Mark Cozens

2001       Goldilocks & the Three Bears by Glyn Tassell

2002       Jack & the Beanstalk by Ian Weale

2003       Dick Whittington by Leigh Terry

2004       Robinson Crusoe in Space by Glyn Tassell

2005       Puss in Boots by Stevens, Evans & Stanley

2006       Mother Goose by Glyn Tassell

2007       Cinderella by Ian Weale

2008       Sinbad & the Riddle by Glyn Tassell

2009       Aladdin by Mark Cozens & Dawn Jones

2010       Hansel and Gretel by Glyn Tassell

2011       The Emperor’s New Clothes by Glyn Tassell

2012       Pantomania by Ian Weale (adapted by Sam Honey)

2013       The Sword in the Stone by Leigh Terry

2014       Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves by Glyn Tassell

2015       Jack & the Beanstalk by Jon Rogers

2016       Dick Whittington and his Cat by Glyn Tassell

2017       Robin Hood by Leigh Terry

2018       Cinderella by Jon Rogers


Murder Mystery Plays



2013       The Butler Did It by David Rowan

2014       New Balls Please by David Rowan

2015       School of Murder by David Rowan

2016       Murder at the Rattlesnake Saloon by Samantha Honey



One Act Plays



2018       The Village by Samantha Honey